Google Ads Service Provider in Coimbatore, India

Weox Technologies is a Google Ads Service Provider in Coimbatore, India. Our Google ad professionals are certified through the Google Partner program and have 4+ years of experience managing successful campaigns for our clients.

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Professional Google Ads Service Provider in Coimbatore, India

Google Ads Service Provider in Coimbatore, India

Weox Technologies Delivers Google Ads Service Provider in Coimbatore, India. Use Google Ads to market your online business. Have you ever spent much money and failed to achieve the desired results? Don’t just do it again; engage a Google Ads expert to reduce money waste, make every dollar spent useful, and attract quality and prospective visitors to your website.

Rather than additional spending, we focus on providing significant traffic from the expenditure that will immediately offer you genuine benefits. From the billions of searches done on Google every day, we assure your things reach prospective clients with our efforts and service. Better ad management needs significant information and skill, which only some companies possess. To date, we have worked with several organizations, from infant startups to substantial enterprises, and achieved proven achievements with a 100% success percentage. It’s okay to waste money or time when Weox Technologies can do it for you!

Weox Google Ads Services include

Google Ads is Google’s paid advertising service. E-commerce companies utilize this platform to market their products and services on Google search result pages, emails, YouTube, and other websites participating in the Google Ads program.

  • Keyword analysis and selection
  • Ideas for text and picture ads to optimize pages
  • PPC Tracking
  • Tracking conversions
  • Competitive analysis
  • PPC cost control
  • Ads campaign alterations and enhancements
  • Monthly report
Get the Most Out of Your Google Ads with Weox Technologies Services
Professional Google Ads & PPC Management Services

Google Ads & pay-per-click Management

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and website, with 2.98 billion unique visitors each month and over 5 billion searches every day. With statistics like this, platforms like Google Ads are vital to your business and marketing strategy. Managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are about getting the most impressions for the least amount of money while also getting the most transactions.

Managing pay-per-click campaigns with Google Ads is unquestionably a full-time job. Many business owners need more time in their busy schedules. Weox Technologies create one-of-a-kind campaigns, conducts A/B split testing to improve conversion rates and quality scores, and schedules your advertising during peak hours. Even better, we give you customized reports based on your marketing objectives, so you know exactly where your money is going.

Weox Technologies

We Follow Our Work Process

Goal identification

We collaborate with the client to determine the new websites goals. That is, what its purpose is.

Content creation

We keep in mind search engine-optimized Content to help keep pages focused on every page.


Once we finish all your pages and define how they will appear to site visitors, to test everything.


Once everything's working and performing perfectly, it's time to plan and execute your site launch!

Weox Technologies PPC & Google ads Management Services

PPC Audits

Do you want to get more from your marketing campaigns? Get a PPC audit, and we'll show you how to boost sales while lowering your cost-per-acquisition.

Social Advertising

Let's employ sponsored social programs to produce more interaction and quality leads to targeted sites cost-effectively and efficiently. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Google Ads

Our Google Ads management specialists work for you full-time, guaranteeing that you are on Google's first page and achieving results that other marketers cannot.

Bing Advertising

Take on the lucrative Bing market. It is both Affordable and more efficient. Our Weox Technologies Bing ads experts maximize your sales.

Display Advertising

Display advertising may help you increase brand awareness and demand. Your advertisements will display on the most popular websites.

Remarketing & Retargeting

You may use remarketing campaigns to display advertisements to prospects who have previously clicked on them, raising your ROI and conversion rate.

Leading Google Ads agency in Coimbatore, India

Weox Technologies Providing Google Ads services in Coimbatore, India Google Ads is the best platform for online advertising. For a good reason, our paid ad specialists are Google Partners with years of experience managing successful campaigns for our clients. We understand how to maximize your advertising dollars by creating personalized ads for your target market.

As a Google Premier Partner, we work directly with Google to develop our client campaigns and resolve issues more quickly, providing outstanding value to our customers. We also receive training for new goods and features we may include in client marketing. Google Search Ads are a fantastic way to get high-intent clients to your website – individuals seeking your products and services and are ready to buy. Many people are looking for top-of-the-line advertising for their companies, and Google is one of the best. Compete with your competition by bidding on phrases that describe your firm and its products/services.

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Why Use Google Ads?

Target Marketing: By being identified precisely when potential customers are seeking what you have to offer, you may reach the right people at the right time.

Return on Investment: Unlike traditional print and broadcast marketing, there are accurate, detailed, concrete, real-time metrics that calculate your ROI (Return on Investment). There will no longer be any “spray and pray” advertising.

No Contracts: You are not needed to commit weekly, monthly, or annually. PPC campaigns may be launched, halted, and paused at any moment.

Pay-Per-Call: Pay-per-call adverts are comparable to pay-per-click marketing. Google Ads mobile ad campaigns may be configured with “call only” campaigns so that you only pay when a prospect phones you.

Perfect for Small Businesses: Even $100 a month is a significant marketing investment for some small businesses. A $100 expenditure in print or television advertising is unlikely to go you very far. Pay-per-click advertising is effective on a small budget (PPC).

Geo-Targeting: You may target prospects down to the postal code level with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Gender, age, money, and interests are other restrictions that the audience may use to limit campaigns to those who are ready to buy from you.

How Online Advertising Works

Although SEM solely refers to the placement of advertisements on search engines, online advertising, in general, is significantly more pervasive. Online advertising allows you to place advertisements on almost any website or pages, such as news, blogs, reviews, entertainment, online publications, and markets.

The Google Display Network in AdWords includes several other sites. Basic text adverts, graphical picture ads of various sizes, audio streams, and interactive and video commercials may all be found on the Google Display Network. You may also target your ads by identifying the user’s device (a computer or a mobile phone) or the user’s location, language, or demographics. Because there are so many internet advertising options, it’s a good idea to identify your advertising goals before you begin. It can help you determine where to place your ads (search engines, Display Network pages, or both) and what format to utilize, as well as guide your financial decisions.

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding How Online Advertising Works
Direct Response vs Branding: The Pros and Cons of Advertising Strategies

Direct Response vs Branding Advertising

Direct response: If you want a user to take action after clicking through your ad to your website, such as completing a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or seeking a quote, your goal is a direct response. When a user completes your specified activity, this is called a conversion. Have a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) objective to control your online advertising strategy and expenses for each transaction. You will then be able to track the performance of your advertising to ensure it is meeting your CPA goals.

Branding: If the goal of your advertising is to increase awareness and visibility of your product, service, or cause, the main reason for advertising online is to raise awareness and visibility of your product, service, or cause. To do this, you should get your advertisements in front of as many people as possible in your target demographic.

Why Google Ads?


  • In addition to Google search, promote your firm through other Google products, partner websites, and display network
  • Change your advertisements if you want to target a particular group of people or promote a product or service
  • You start receiving targeted visitors as soon as you begin an advertising campaign
  • Target many keywords at the same time
  • Certain variables can help you increase your adverts to the top of the search results
  • Ads have no minimum expenditure requirement; you may establish and alter your budget whenever you want
  • You may change your keywords, advertising, ad groups, and budget anytime, and the results will be visible in minutes
  • Returns on Investment are straightforward to calculate, and you may alter your budget accordingly
Unlock the Power of Google Ads: Why You Should Use Google Ads
Discover Why Google Ads Is One of the Most Effective Advertising Solutions

Why is Google Ads effective?

Google Ads is one of the most focused and successful kinds of company advertising available. Why is it the most targeted kind of advertising? Because people who utilize the Google search engine tell you exactly what they want and need. You may utilize Google Ads to ensure that your ad(s) show alongside these Google searches, giving you a substantial advantage over organizations that do not employ PPC and Google Ads management.

What Is PPC & Google Ads? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is internet marketing used to get relevant website traffic. In this advertising, the advertiser pays a publisher when an ad is clicked, which is why the phrase “pay per click” is used. Google Adverts is a Google-created online advertising network in which marketers pay to display Google advertisements when consumers use the Google search engine to search for specifically focused search queries.

Return on Investment (ROI) and Relevance

Return on Investment (ROI): Internet advertising is very quantitative, making it straightforward to establish whether you’re meeting your advertising goals. Each user’s click is linked to a specific ad, phrase, and search query, all of which can be tracked and improved at any moment. If you notice a pattern, you may rapidly add, edit, or remove keywords, advertisements, and campaign targeting choices. When it comes to enhancing your ROI, this allows you to be more responsive and in command.

Relevance: The ability to properly target advertising to customers based on their interests, as well as a range of other variables such as region, language, and demography, is one of the essential advantages of AdWords. As a result, the user is more likely to click on highly relevant adverts. Additionally, because search advertising only appears in response to a user’s request, the consumer is more potential to be farther along in the shopping cycle and ready to convert.

Maximize ROI & Relevance with Proven Strategies
Why PPC and Google Ads Management is Essential for Your Business

Why is PPC and Google ads Management?

The best thing about pay-per-click (PPC) ads and Google ads management is that they guarantee you a page one on search engines like Google and Bing for your keyphrases in near real-time.

The strategy employed in PPC and Google Ad campaigns is critical. When poorly managed, pay-per-click programs are infamous for blowing enormous holes in marketing budgets with little return.

However, by utilizing the proper PPC & Google Ad management services and developing a focused campaign plan, you can maximize your online visibility and Investment… sending your sales into overdrive!

Reach: Every day, millions of individuals use Google. You can capture any segment of the vast worldwide audience actively looking for products, services, information, and websites when you use Google AdWords. Making your products or services available during relevant user searches ensures that you are visible at a vital point in the customer’s purchasing cycle—when the user is actively looking for what you’re offering.

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