Refund Policy

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Weox Technologies

Refund Policy

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Weox Technologies works hard to assure customer happiness and provide the best online services. If a customer is dissatisfied with our services, we will provide a complete refund. This policy explains when and how we will provide refunds and what a customer must do to get one. Please see our service level agreement for more information on the policy and how it works.

Cancellation Policy

If a user desires to stop receiving assistance for a specific job, they must write an email to info@weox.in. Phone calls, WhatsApp, and other contact forms will not be considered. Then, our staff will thoroughly investigate your difficulties and concerns and recommend the next steps.

If the problem is on our end, the Weox Technologies team will provide the customer with an authorization number within a week of receiving their request. If the client does not get an email, it is possible that the request was not legitimate.

Payment Refund Policy

Weox Technologies’ return policies differ depending on the service. For further details, please see the relevant service package. If a customer chooses to terminate a contract, Weox Technologies cannot guarantee that they will accept a refund. We will extensively investigate all project elements, including whether the signed agreement is genuine, whether the email acceptance is genuine, and whether the contract was signed in person or online. Then we’ll decide whether or not you’ll get a refund.

Please remember that Weox Technologies is not liable for any project-related payments. Weox Technologies will not repay third-party fees for services delivered or other non-recoverable expenditures.

Conditions for Refund

Weox Technologies has the right to decline a return request in the following circumstances:

  • If the service was given and finished in compliance with the service level agreement’s conditions.
  • There will be a cancellation charge if the customer decides they no longer want the service and cancels after the work has started.
  • If the customer has yet to try to address any service concerns using the processes indicated in the service level agreement.
  • Customers are in trouble if they have broken any service level agreement terms.

Requesting a Refund

The customer must email info@weox.in outlining the cause for the return. You should provide a detailed description of the problem and a copy of the service level agreement in the email. Then, our finance and managerial teams will carefully review the issue and advise you on the next steps.

Reasons for Cancellation

Refund Policy

Explanation of Refund Policy

Cancellation of Work Order After Client Pays Within 24 Hours of Placing the Order

80% of the money paid will be refunded.

To cover the costs of the payment method and paperwork, 20% will be taken out before the money is sent back to the client’s account.

Work Order Cancellation After the client pays, the advance payment is made within 2 to 3 days.

There will be a 50% return on the amount paid.

As soon as we know how much money you have, we will assign a Designer, Developer, and Project Manager, and 50% of your payment will be deducted.

Cancellation of Work Order Following Client Payment Completion After 3 Days of Confirmation

No Refund

No Refund

Canceling a work order after the customer has paid for it. If a customer makes a mistake and delivers more than they should

The additional money will be returned in full.

The customer will get their whole cash refunded, except the expenses of the payment method, which will be deducted.

Canceling a work order after the client has paid for it. If the customer is not happy with the result of the design,

No Refund

Before starting a job, we try to understand what the client wants and make as many changes to the design as necessary until the client is happy. If the client doesn’t like the designs, we will work with them to make the required changes. So, we can’t give you a return in this case.

Work Delay

Up to 50%  of the total amount paid

When we find problems with the project, we’ll carefully go through all project emails and papers. If the problems are our fault, we will fix them and give you a 50% return of the total amount paid.

Technical Glitches

No Refund

Weox Technologies won’t be responsible for any losses caused by server and name problems caused by third-party sellers.


No Refund

If the guaranteed top ranking on search engines isn’t reached, we’ll keep trying for another month, but there will be no return.

If you have more questions or need more information about our return policy, please don’t hesitate to email us at contact@weox.in. We will do our best to answer your issues in a fast and effective way.