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Weox Technology is the Best SEO company in India, and our company is an excellent choice if you want to sell your products or services through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Etc. with the help of perfect matching keywords.

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Professional SEO Services in India | Best SEO Company

Best SEO Company in India

Weox Technologies is the Best SEO Company in India that provides 100% Organic Traffic to our client’s websites by drastically increasing search engine visibility. Our excellent search engine optimization results that our clients have come to expect result from our adaptable, data-driven strategy. Weox Technologies SEO Experts assess our client’s objectives, the demands of their target audience, and the search environment to identify the main actions necessary for success strategies and emphasize technical SEO and content creation. 

We work with organizations of all sizes, from globally recognized brands, The BK Groups, Two Plus One and Lingaas Technology to small companies. Our carefully selected personnel has considerable experience in various sectors and industries, and our success rates are exceptional: among the highest in the industry.

Weox On Page SEO Optimization Strategy

The tasks contribute to optimizing a specific page to occur increased on search engine result pages. On-page SEO activities at Weox Technologies primarily consist of making content search engine friendly, giving simple navigation, meta tags, Meta description, image optimization, and, most importantly, supplying users with quality content. Modifying your website benefits the condition and quality of your keyword rankings. It is considered the initial step in upgrading your website by changing its appearance.

On-page SEO refers to SEO activities that Clients may perform on your website, thus the terms on-page or on-site SEO. On-page SEO is creating a strategy to execute best practices and recommendations to improve how search engines evaluate your website, affecting your overall ranking. On-page SEO requires optimizing several aspects of a website, including all ranking factors.

Others concentrate on user experience design, public relations, or brand marketing. Some applications need powerful drives on all components. We determine what you require and design a campaign to meet those requirements. We do intensive consumer research to assess how potential consumers look for the client’s product or service online and rigorous website audits to identify problems that may hamper growth.

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HTML: The HTML structure of a website enables search engines to recognize text fragments, identify the information, and rate its relevancy. Using heading tags draws attention to the text’s titles and unique headers, illustrating the structure and content.

Title Tag: The title tag is an important SEO element since it informs users and search engines about the page’s content. The title tag is the page’s title and appears prominently on it, making it simpler to attract visitors attention. It is also included when the page is shared on social media or (SERP) Search Engine Results in Pages.

Our Title Tag Recommendations: The title tag should be a manageable length for two reasons. First and foremost, you want to catch the consumers’ attention, which is much simpler to do with a short but powerful title. Second, search engines only show title tags of 58 to 60 characters. The title tag should be related to the content of the page. Use relevant terms and phrases at the start of the title tag and Create engaging titles to get more visitors.

Weox Technologies

We Follow Our Work Process

Goal identification

We collaborate with the client to determine the new websites goals. That is, what its purpose is.

Content creation

We keep in mind search engine-optimized Content to help keep pages focused on every page.


Once we finish all your pages and define how they will appear to site visitors, to test everything.


Once everything's working and performing perfectly, it's time to plan and execute your site launch!

Why Meta Tags are Essential for SEO Success

Why Meta Tags is Very Important?

Meta tags provide information about the content to search engines. Meta-robot tags control the activity of search engines on a specific page. This sort of tag tells search engines whether or not to perform a particular action.

  • index , no index:  This tag specifies whether or not search engines should index a page. Because search engines are designed to index all websites, the index tag is not required. Unless you have sites with duplicate content, an extensive database, or anything else, you want search engines to index your stuff.
  • follow, no follow:  This tags inform search engines if a link on a website should be indexed. By default, all links are set to follow; however, if you do not want a link to be followed, use the no follow tag.
  • No archive: Use this tag to prevent search engines from caching a page.
  • No snippets: Use this element to prevent search engines from displaying rich snippets (descriptive text) for your website alongside the title tag and URL in search results.

Meta Description and Rich Snippets

Meta descriptions used to be utilized by search engines to convey information about the content of a page. However, that is no longer the case. The meta description is no longer used to determine to rank. It is only used as text in the search results beneath the title tag and URL. As a result, the meta description can aid in visitor generation since users examine the meta description to determine whether it fits the search query. As a result, to attract visitors, you must create a compelling and relevant meta description. There is no universal suggestion for meta description length; however, remember that search engines usually display up to 160 characters snippets.

Rich snippets are structured data that allow Web Masters to mark up material on their website to provide information about the page to search engines. There are numerous sorts of markup, including reviews, author biographies, events, and so on. It is not a necessary step in the search engine optimization process, but rich snippets are displayed in search results, so you may wish to use them.

Sitemap: The sitemap is a list of all the files on your website, and its primary purpose is to help search engines index it. Search engine crawlers may recognize and use the sitemap format to acquire information about a website. Although there are other sitemaps, an XML sitemap is the most popular and recommended Sitemap.

Get the Most Accurate & Relevant Keyword Recommendations with Weox

Weox Keyword Recommendations

Keywords are a crucial part of the search process, and as such, they play a vital role in on-page SEO. Keywords assist search engines in comprehending your website’s content and linking it to a specific keyword. There are no set rules for when and how to use keywords, but there are certain best practices to follow when seeking to optimize a website

  • In the title tag, use the word at least once, ideally at the beginning
  • Use the term often throughout the phrase, including alternatives such as synonyms and word order
  • Use the word at least once in the Alt text (attribute of images)
  • Only use the word once in the URL
  • In the meta description, use the word at least once, ideally at the beginning.

Google Duplicate Content Penalty

With all the hoopla about the duplicate content SEO penalty, site owners can quickly need clarification about how Google handles it. As previously stated, Google does not apply a significant liability for the same content inside the site; nonetheless, you may need help to achieve an ideal ranking because neither consumers nor Google wants repeated information. Check Google’s official duplicate content policy for more details. Google runs a web deduplication process, putting all the duplicate URLs into one category. The URLs are then consolidated depending on numerous characteristics, such as link popularity to the representative URL, and the best content is ranked appropriately.

Duplicate content threatens your SEO efforts significantly. It will make the website unfit for search engine optimization. Same content, whether internal or cross-domain, makes it harder for Google to rank and, more importantly, may not provide value to visitors, so that the damage can be severe. If a consumer has already seen a piece of information, repeating it may not be worth it, which is a simple reason to avoid duplicate content. Pure and actual content not only adds value to customers but may also rank and develop genuine relationships. If you’ve ever noticed a sudden drop in your SEO results, it’s likely due to content duplication or poor link growth.

Understanding the Difference Between Canonical and Descriptive URLs

Canonical URL and Descriptive URL

A Canonical URL tag is a method for dealing with duplicate content. Canonical URLs, like 301 redirects, inform search engines that two (or more) sites should be treated as a single entity. Canonical URLs, unlike 301 redirects, do not guide readers to a specific page, which is why this option is commonly utilized when posting the same content on many websites. Descriptive URLs feature the document’s name and are user and search-engine friendly. It would help if you also thought about the URL length, as shorter URLs are much easier to share on social media, in emails, and so on. The basic guideline is to separate words in the URL with a hyphen (-). As previously said, you should incorporate the phrase in the page URL.

Weox Technologies Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Accordingly, Weox Technologies, India’s most reliable and effective (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Company, provides a wide range of SEO packages from which you may choose the most pleasing option based on your needs. Weox Technologies services are considerable, known as Google’s top-ranking services in India. Still, you must choose the finest that guarantees to increase your website’s content and structure. These variables will only ensure your website’s global online visibility and appeal. Off-Page SEO guides to external factors that impact website optimization and, as a result, ranking. Aside from learning about a website, search engines analyze and rank webpages using external criteria. The two most important metrics are engagement, in which search engines analyze how much time visitors spend on a website, and external links, in which the underlying idea is that people will only connect to high-quality content.

Link Neighborhood: Search engines analyze the websites that link to yours and your links to your website to determine the type of websites you are engaging with, i.e., link neighbourhood. It is based on the idea that spammy websites are more likely to connect to other spammy websites, which is why you should exercise caution when asking for or posting a link to your website on other websites.

Site Speed: The site speed metric determines how quickly your website responds to a request. It is the time it takes your website or a specific page to load. Site speed is one of the factors used to rank websites in search results. Thus you should monitor and strive to improve your website’s performance as part of on-page SEO. Faster-loading websites provide a better user experience, making them more likely to rank higher than slow-loading websites. Google provides a Page Speed tool, and our Weox Technologies Expert checks every web page in our client’s websites may use to measure site performance on desktop and mobile devices and optimize the page speed on every page.


Frequently Asked Questions

The world of digital marketing strength is impenetrable, and we’re here to help. We’ve equipped solutions to the many commonly asked client frequently questions.

Optimizing a website to rank better in search engine results for relevant keywords is called optimization (SEO). More exposure leads to more traffic, and more traffic leads to more money. SEO comprises technological configuration, content quality and relevancy, and user experience. Because no two campaigns are identical and a one-size-fits-all plan is ineffective, successful SEO is about recognizing which components are required and when.

In summary, for a website to be effective, potential customers must be able to find it. Search engine optimization is essential for ensuring your website crawls and indexes efficiently, enhancing its presence in search results. The more users visit the website, the more opportunities to convert them into customers. In addition to traffic, SEO is critical for brand trust and credibility and is highly cost-effective compared to other marketing techniques..

What happens away from your website is just as important as what happens on it. A website must be considered an authority on a particular issue to rank well in search results. A website needs votes of confidence to achieve authority, which in the digital age takes the form of links from other websites. Offsite SEO is based on obtaining backlinks from high-quality, relevant external networks.
Improve Your SEO Strategy with Relevant, Authoritative & Anchor Text

Relevant Authoritative & Anchor Text

As a result, search engines are more likely to conclude that high-quality websites would connect to other high-quality websites, so obtaining links from a high-authority website is an effective technique for increasing your website’s rank. Search engines favour this link-building activity since having a link on a renowned website will surely boost your website’s authority. Universities and government websites, according to search engines, are examples of websites with great power and trustworthiness.

Anchor text is the visible link text. It is a clickable link to a website in the text. Search engines utilize anchor text to determine the linked page’s content as one of the ranking criteria. With the most recent updates, search engines have begun to give more weight to terms in anchor text. As a result, if too many websites use the exact anchor text and link to the same URL, it may infer that the links were not earned naturally, negatively influencing ranking.

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Unlock Social Benefits with Link Building Strategies

Social links and Benefits of Link Building

Although social links are less valued than links from other websites since they are less relevant, search engines note them. It is still being determined how they impact ranking or how they are used in the search engine ranking process, but there is little doubt that they are an essential component of search engine optimization. Social links are frequently presented in search engine results due to a user query. Social shares are an excellent way to spreading information and reach many people. Building many social followers helps you create a network through which you can promote your content, increasing traffic and click-through rates and, eventually, benefiting your business.

Link building helps with branding since it helps you develop your brand on the internet and increase the influence of your business and yourself as an authorized person in your profession. Furthermore, reaching out to people in your field may help you build and strengthen connections, leading to collaborations and new opportunities for your company. Link building may assist you in increasing traffic, which can lead to additional customers or links. In this circumstance, links from comparison websites are more likely to create quality traffic and genuinely interest individuals in your business. Still, visitors who click on a link on an unrelated website are unlikely to convert.

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